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Twelve South AirFly Bluetooth Transmitter / Receiver – White

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AirFly is a wireless headphone adapter that allows you to use your favorite wireless headphones or earphones in places that only have a headphone jack – such as airplanes and treadmills. Connect this mini transmitter to the headphone jack to listen to movies on board or tvs in the gym. AirFly Classic lets you listen to audio, podcasts, or music with noise-canceling headphones or AirPods.

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What’s new in AirFly Classic:
Connect headphones to share music, movies and more.
Battery lasts more than 8 hours
Use as an AUX adapter for your car, boat or non-bluetooth speaker.

When the movie begins on your next long journey, connect the AirFly Pro to the headphone jack in your seat to listen to the movie with the new Beats Solo Pro headphones or other wireless noise canceling headphones.

AirFly Classic works with the most popular wireless headphones and earphones. Even when pairing two sets of headphones with AirFly Classic, you can use any combination of wireless headphones brands. You connect your wireless headphones to this small splitter pretty much the same way you pair your favorite headphones with any other wireless devices, such as your iPhone.

AirFly Classic can send audio from iPhone to in-car stereo. So the next time you are in a rental car, use AirFly Pro to broadcast directions from Waze instead of fully syncing the iPhone with the rental vehicle. Use AirFly Classic on your boat, in a car sharing ride or send music to an older but still great bluetooth speaker.

Have you ever wanted to use your Powerbeats while on a treadmill to follow the news in the gym? AirFly makes these connections – previously limited to wired headphones – wirelessly. You can also use AirFly with game consoles to like Nintendo Switch to listen to audio with your favorite wireless headphones.

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