The Perfect Gift, Every Time

Frequently asked question

What is Aleph's Gift Card?

It is a gift card that you charge with an amount and gifts it to your loved ones.
You can purchase and pay using the card from any of Aleph’s stores in Saudi Arabia.

How do I get Aleph Gift Card?

You can purchase Aleph Gift Card from our stores only.

Can I pay for my purchase using the Aleph Gift Card on the website?

In the meantime, you cannot pay using your card on the website. 

How much is the maximum amount to charge the card?

You can charge Aleph Gift Card up to SAR 5,000

Can I recharge and use the card again?

Yes, you can use a part of the charge amount, and you can recharge the card and add an extra amount

Can I replace the amount on the card with cash?

No, you cannot replace the amount on the card with cash.

Is there an expiry date to use the amount on the card?

Yes. One year from the activation date.

What are the terms & Conditions when I pay using an Aleph Gift Card?

The general terms & conditions of aleph stores will apply, and a refund can only be done to the same card.